Liberty is an Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Audio-Engineer and CEO of the record label LIBERTYARTMUSIC.

She started producing music in the year 2012.

Genres: HipHop, Trap, Afro beats. Dancehall, Reggaeton, Reggae, Tropical House, Singer-Songwriter.


Music is more then you hear. Its a beautiful geometry of shapes and colors. It’s the invisible you can feel. It transmits emotions and creates a certain vibe. It was a long time ago that I first came across frequencies, vibrations and mathematics. I came across the geometry and found that everything in nature has a certain pattern that can be calculated mathematically. I became aware that everything is energy and vibration. And that also applies to music. Music is vibration. To be mathematically in tune with nature,I tune my instrument to A-432Hz.

432Hz brings an intense feeling, is harmonious and warm.