CEO LibertyArtMUsic
HOFA College Zertifikat Mastering
HOFA College Zertifikat Audio - Engineer

CEO Liberty

Kerstin Bauer

Music Producer and Songwriter 

LibertyArtMusic is based in Austria and was founded in 2017. We have worked with many talented recording artists from all over the world, and we release music frequently.

Liberty completed many courses, has a diploma in audio engineering and has been making music for more than 10 years.


Music is more then you hear. Its a beautiful geometry of shapes and colors.
It’s the invisible you can feel. It transmits emotions and creates a certain vibe.

It was a long time ago that I first came across frequencies, vibrations and mathematics. I came across the geometry and found that everything in nature has a certain pattern that can be calculated mathematically. I became aware that everything is energy and vibration. And that also applies to music.

Music is vibration. To be mathematically in tune with nature, I tune my instruments to A-432Hz. 432Hz brings an intense feeling, is harmonious and warm.