Custom Beats


As an Artist, I know the importance of a good instrumental

My experience in different genres gives me a wide spectrum of the possibilities of making instrumentals.  My instrumentals are unique and customized for the individual artist. I want to give you a solid playground where you can express yourself and a dope instrumental in high quality is the first step. On a crappy instrumental you can make a good track but you lose a lot of possibilities. You can buy cheap instrumentals everywhere on the internet, but I give you a value not everyone can. I’m not a beat fabric, I’m a professional producer and I love what I do.
To make everything clear I will have a chat with you about the royalties, publishing, and copyrights.
BONUS: You only pay if you like the beat! So it’s worth a try!
You get:
  • 24-bit wav.
  • STEM Files
  • Pay after you agree with the beat
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