Why 432Hz?

Sacred Geometry solfeggio

Music - The Language of the universe

This is not another conspiracy theory about 440Hz Vs. 432Hz

We at LibertyArtMusic tune our music to A-432Hz because we believe in the power of music.

All in the universe are frequencies. You and I are also made up of frequencies.

And there is a universal geometry called the golden ratio. You can find this ratio in everything. In plants, in humans, in stars, planets, simply everything.


Golden Ratio
Golden Ratio examples

The mystery of life

There is more to life and its hard to explain but yet so simple

Life is more than you can see. Nature is truth all other things are made up in your mind.

There is a great book named the “4 Agreements” which explains how you were programmed as a child.

Ok you will probably now think ” What has this to do with 432Hz Music?”

I just want to remind you to be open to the mystics of life and that you should be skeptical but listen.



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Judas and the Black Messiah Album Cover

We produce 432Hz Instrumentals

We are the first and only Beat store with more than hundreds of 432Hz Instrumentals to lease.

In 2018 we decided to tune all our instrumentals to this specific tuning. And we love the sound. Its more pleasant to our ears and we feel the music more.

On the Album JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH the song Rich Ni**a Problems by A$AP Rocky is also tuned to 432Hz.

You can hear the warmth and depth of the song. It feels calm and is pleasant to your ears. Or?

The future

432Hz has already arrived in the music industry

A$SAP Rocky, MAEJOR, XXXTentacion and many more main stream artists releasing songs in 432Hz

In the future more artists will experiment with frequencies. Be one of the first recording artists leading this movement.

Check out our beat store for more than hundreds of 432Hz Beats and listen to songs produced by LibertyArtMusic tuned to the frequency also known as Verdi’s A.